August 3 - 6 Hilton Mark Center
just outside of Washington, DC

AR2016 Exhibitor Layout & Assignments

Thank you for exhibiting at AR2016! This year's exhibits are located in four areas: Gateway Foyer, Gateway Ballroom,Grand Ballroom, and California Foyer. Each area has unique advantages and a steady traffic flow.

  • The Gateway Foyer is central to registration, the lunch & vegan buffets, restrooms, and main lobby.
  • The Gateway Ballroom features food vendors and free food samples.
  • The Grand Ballroom is the passageway to the daytime workshop sessions and also features free coffee for attendees.
  • The California Foyer is located in between daytime session rooms where traffic flow will be steady throughout the day.

Click on the exhibit area links above to view the maps with numbered tables.

Please Note: Maps are not exactly to scale and assignments are subject to change on site if necessary.


 Exhibit Assignments

Exhibitor Name Exhibit Area Table Number
A Well-Fed World (AWFW) California Foyer 418-420
A.U.M. FILMS & MEDIA Grand Ballroom 338
ACTAsia Grand Ballroom 312
Ady Gil World Conservation Gateway Foyer 117-118
All Creatures Grand Ballroom 338
America For Animals Grand Ballroom 339
Animal Action Netowrk Grand Ballroom 311
Animal Charity Evaluators Gateway Ballroom 202
Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund Gateway Foyer 138
Animal Defenders International Grand Ballroom 322
Animal Equality Gateway Foyer 114-116
Animal Law Review Grand Ballroom 337
Animal Legal Defense Fund Grand Ballroom 329
Animal Place Gateway Foyer 136-137
Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) California Foyer 410-411
Animals 24-7 Grand Ballroom 343
Art by Sarah Kiser Grand Ballroom 301
Beagle Freedom Project Grand Ballroom 300
BEETxBEET Grand Ballroom 327
Center for Animal Protection & Education Grand Ballroom 316
Center For Ethical Science Grand Ballroom 345
Citizens Against Equine Slaughter Grand Ballroom 335
Cobblermania Grand Ballroom 307
Coffee Station Grand Ballroom 306
Collectively Free, Inc. Grand Ballroom 310
Compassion Co. Grand Ballroom 305
Compassion Over Killing Gateway Foyer 109-110
Compassion, Inc Grand Ballroom 318
Compassionate Action for Animals Grand Ballroom 302
Condition One Gateway Foyer 147
Cool Foods Cool Cups LLC Gateway Ballroom 201
Cyndi Presson / Rodan + Fields Grand Ballroom 319
Cyn-Fully Delicious Gateway Ballroom 211-212
Direct Action Everywhere Grand Ballroom 334
Eco Dogs and Cats Gateway Ballroom 225
Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles Grand Ballroom 315
Factory Farming Awareness Coalition Grand Ballroom 344
Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) Gateway Foyer 111-113
Farm Sanctuary Gateway Foyer 145-146
Fish Feel Gateway Ballroom 216
Food Empowerment Project California Foyer 400
Food Not Bombs Gateway Ballroom 224
G-Heart-3 California Foyer 413
GuerrillaWearFare Grand Ballroom 320
Happy Elephant Health Hut Gateway Ballroom 208
HEART/Cleveland High Animal Abuse Grand Ballroom 333
Help Animals India Gateway Ballroom 209
Humane Project Grand Ballroom 342
In Defense of Animals California Foyer 406-408
Indraloka Sanctuary Gateway Foyer 124-125
Internation Primate Protection League (IPPL) Gateway Foyer 139-140
Investigavitve Mechanics/Justice Undercover California Foyer 412
Jewish Veg Grand Ballroom 347
Juliana's Animal Sanctuary Gateway Ballroom 214
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary Grand Ballroom 326
Kitten Lady Grand Ballroom 330
Lantern Books Gateway Ballroom 227
Meat Logic: Why Do We Eat Animals? Grand Ballroom 331
Mercy For Animals (MFA) Gateway Foyer 121-123
MINK Grand Ballroom 324
NAALPO Grand Ballroom 308-309
National Anti-Vivisection Society Grand Ballroom 304
New Life Animal Sanctuary Gateway Ballroom 217
Olsenhaus Pure Vegan Gateway Ballroom 207
OneProtest Gateway Foyer 148-149
Our Planet. Theirs Too. Grand Ballroom 303
Paw PAC Grand Ballroom 332
People For Reason In Science and Medicine Grand Ballroom 346
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) California Foyer 414-416
Persimmon Takes On Hummanity Grand Ballroom 340
Quaker Animal Kinships Gateway Ballroom 228
RBC Wealth Management California Foyer 401
Rett's Rascals Grand Ballroom 317
Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project Inc Grand Ballroom 325
Satya Magazine Gateway Ballroom 226
Showing Animals Repsect & Kindness (SHARK) California Foyer 403-405
SoCal Vegfest Gateway Ballroom 220
Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) Gateway Foyer 133-135
SuperMeat Gateway Foyer 126
Sympathy at Slaughter Gateway Ballroom 210
The Humane League (THL) Gateway Foyer 120
The Humane Party Gateway Ballroom 213
The Living Temple Grand Ballroom 313
The Love Experiment Grand Ballroom 321
The Modern Agriculture Foundation Gateway Foyer 127
The Underground Faction Grand Ballroom 323
Tofurky Gateway Ballroom 215
Toronto Pig Save Grand Ballroom 349
Tragic To Magic Gateway Ballroom 223
United Poultry Concerns California Foyer 402
V-dog, Inc. Grand Ballroom 328
Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Gateway Ballroom 206
Vegan Outreach California Foyer 421-422
VEGAN SCENE Gateway Ballroom 200
Veganuary Gateway Foyer 141-142
VegNews Gateway Foyer 143-144
Veterinary Association for the Protection of Animals (VAPA) Grand Ballroom 348
W.O.L.F. Sanctuary Gateway Ballroom 219
Whole Earth Wellness Gateway Ballroom 221
World Animal News California Foyer 409
Yoga Animalia Project Gateway Ballroom 222
Yummy Plants Gateway Ballroom 218
Zen Comfort Grand Ballroom 314