June 28 - July 1 ♦ Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton Gateway Hotel


AR2017 exhibit hall is located at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Hotel, 5000 Seminary Rd, Alexandria, VA 22311.

The exhibit hall is free to the public and open Friday, August 4th & Saturday, August 5th 10:30am - 6pm and Sunday, August 6th 9am - 5pm. 

A Well-Fed World
Afro-Vegan Society
Animal Charity Evaluators
Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund
Animal Defenders International
Animal Equality
Animal Hero Kids
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Animal Recovery Mission
Animal Rescue Corps
Animal Welfare Media
Anti-Fur Society
Barn Sanctuary
Beagle Freedom Project 
Better Eating International
Beyond Carnism
Brewing Good Coffee Company
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Center for Ethical Science
Chandra Media
Compassion Circle 
Compassion Co
Compassion Over Killing
Compassionate Action for Animals
Compassionate Actions Project
CompassionWorks International  
Condition One
Daily Hugz
Darwin Animal Doctors 
DC Vegan
Direct Action Everywhere
Doshi FCSA 
Eco Dogs and Cats
Farm Animal Rights Movement
Farm Sanctuary
Fish Feel
For All Animals
Friends of Animals
Full Circle Farm Sanctuary 
Govinda's Catering
Guerrilla WearFare
Heaven Is For Animals Too 
Help Animals India 
House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary
Humane Investing, LLC
Humane Party
In Defense of Animals
Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
International Primate Protection League 
James Aspey Voiceless 365
Jewish Veg
Juliana's Animal Sanctuary
Justice Undercover
Kindred Spirits Sanctuary 
Latern Books
Love Enterprises
Mercy For Animals
National Anti-Vivisection Society 
Nutrition Master Foods
Our Planet. Theirs Too. 
Oxford Handbags 
Peaceful Fields Sanctuary
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) 
PEP Foods
Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge 
Porchlight Animal Sanctuary
RBC Wealth Management
Redefine Your Mind
Responsible Policies for Animals
The Save Movement
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 
Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! 
Surya Brasil
Sympathy at Slaughter
The Humane League
The Microsanctuary Movement
The Nonhuman Rights Project, Inc.
The Pollination Project
The Save Movement
The Vegetarian Resource Group
Toronto Pig Save
United Poultry Concerns
Unparalleled Suffering Photography 
Vegan Action
Vegan New York
Vegan Outreach 
Vegan Prints
Veg Society of DC
Vervet Monkey Foundation
W.O.L.F. Sanctuary
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
Yoga Animalia Project
Youth for the Voiceless/HEART
Zoe's Vegan Delight