June 27 - July 1 ♦ Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton Gateway Hotel


The Animal Rights National Conference is devoted to advancing the vision of animal rights, as promulgated at the 1990 "March For Animals" over the signatures of 50 organizations: "Animals have the right to be free from all forms of human exploitation." Consequently, advocacy of continued exploitation of animals under improved conditions, sometimes referred to as "happy meat," is not welcome. At the same time, we recognize that there are multiple paths, missions, strategies, and tactics for bringing us closer to the vision of animal rights.

The more popular paths or missions include:   

  • Writing books and lecturing about the ideology of animal rights,
  • Seeking recognition of animal rights through legislative or judicial bodies,
  • Exposing abuses of animals for food, research, and amusement,
  • Distributing literature and food samples and screening videos leading people to a vegan path,
  • Supporting people along a vegan path through periodic interactions,
  • Promoting welfare reforms in the hope that the publicity will lead people toward a vegan path,
  • Rescuing and rehabilitating animals that have been exploited and abused,
  • Encouraging food manufacturers, servers, and retailers to offer more vegan choices,
  • Discouraging other institutions and individuals from exploiting and killing animals.

Strategies associated with some of these missions may range from gentle appeals to feelings and beliefs to direct behavior modification through social, economic, or political pressure. Thus, a key mission of our Conference is to provide a forum where the relative merits of various paths, missions, strategies, and tactics leading to animal liberation may be aired and discussed in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We view such discussion as critical to finding our own optimal way to advance the vision of animal rights.

We view any attempt to disqualify from our Conference a proponent of any one of these paths (except for injury to living beings) as a disservice to the successful advancement of animal rights.

Other key missions include:   

  • Detailing animal abuses for food, research, and amusement
  • Providing training in personal growth and organizing
  • Offering opportunities to network with other activists
  • Offering a forum to potential movement leaders
  • Reaching out to kindred movements

AR2017's Safe Space Policy

By the act of registering for the Animal Rights National Conference each conference registrant agrees to act respectfully toward other attendees, speakers and exhibitors, and Conference management.

For Attendees

The Animal Rights National Conference strives to create a "safe space" environment, where all participants feel welcome. We do not tolerate behavior, language, and/or  literature that is hurtful to other Conference participants. This includes non-consensual physical contact and remarks putting down a person's race, ethnicity, age, size, appearance, gender, sexual expression or orientation, physical ability, or mental competence.

All violations should be reported to the Conference Hospitality desk. Violators may be asked to leave the Conference, banned from future ones, or even arrested, if the situation warrants it.

Although we have done animal rights conferences since 1981, this is always a work in progress, and we welcome suggestions for improvements.

For Speakers and Exhibitors

The Animal Rights National Conference is devoted to the vision that "animals have the right to be free from all forms of human exploitation." The Conference rejects advocacy of continued exploitation of animals under improved conditions, sometimes labeled as "humane" or "happy." All presentations must be consistent with this vision.

We recognize that advocacy of reduced consumption of animal products may not involve a vegan message. However, individuals who encourage consumption of animal products or bash vegan advocates will not be invited to present at the Conference.

We offer safe space to animal rights organizations, as well as to individuals. Therefore, while criticizing an organization's strategies or tactics, we insist that presenters be respectful and refrain from bashing an organization by name.

All products displayed at the Conference must comport with the vision of animal liberation in their message and images, and in being free of animal ingredients, and not tested on animals.

For Photographers

By registering and attending Conference participants are assumed to consent to being photographed and recorded for promotional or other purposes.

However, all commercial photographers and all videographers must obtain recording permission from Conference management and respect the wishes of individuals who choose not to be recorded.