July 7th - 10th Los Angeles, CA
 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel

Last Year's Program Schedule

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Thursday, July 30

Registration (4-10pm)
Welcome Reception (4:00-6:00pm)
Conference Slideshow
"Speciesism: The Movie" screening ("Speciesism: The Movie"; Q&A with filmmaker Mark Devries) - Devries
Dinner (6:15-7:15pm)
Opening Plenary (7:30-9:30pm) - MC - Webermann
Opening Ceremony
General Welcome Remarks - Hershaft
Welcome Remarks by Gold Sponsors - Birnkrant, K. Budkie, Chandna, Cooney, Hindi, Kroplick
Staff Introductions & Program Preview - Riley
Animal Rights Yesterday & Today (Historical development, differing philosophies) - Hershaft, Kemmerer
Networking Reception I (9:30-11pm)

Friday, July 31

Morning exercise (7:30-8:15am) (Visit the fitness center on our level, using your room card) - Ryan
Snack (8:00-8:45am)
Registration (8am-8pm)
Morning Plenary I (9:00-10:30am) - MC - Meier
Announcement and Speed Touting (1-min opportunities for important announcements by attendees)
Morning Plenary II (9:00-10:15am) : MC
Announcements (Opportunity for 1-minute important announcements by attendees)
State of Our Movement (Recent progress, challenges, and prospects in key areas of animal abuse) - M. Budkie, Coman-Hidy, Hindi
Exhibits (10:15am-6:00pm)
Workshops (Choose one per timeblock)
Abuse of Companion Animals (Overview of abuses faced by feral cats and by dogs in puppy mills and pounds) - Shaw, Stanley
Newcomer Session 1: Making the Most of AR2015 (Getting the most out of your experience and feeling comfortable in connecting) - Camp, Stram, Webermann
Effective Tactics Opposing Animal Research (What activists have learned combating animal use and abuse in laboratories and schools) - M. Budkie, N. Green, McGreal
Animal Pleasure and Gentle Side of Nature (Showing the restrained and beneficial side of nature, rather than the harsh and cruel view) - Balcombe
Impact of Animal Use on the Environment (How animal farming and experiments further climate change, species extinction, and pollution) - Ellison, Moncrief, Zhou
Nature of Social Change (Needs and resources, progress through struggle, stages of social change, making it work) - Hershaft
Abuse of Land Animals for Food (Overview of animal abuse on farms, at sea, in slaughterhouses) - Baur, Brown
Raising Funds for the Cause (Appealing to donors online, via mail, and through planned giving; cutting costs) - LeBlanc
History of Activist Repression (Extent and history of activist repression in the US & UK) - R. Shapiro, Verducci
Understanding Animal Personalities (Using the power of first-hand sanctuary experience to teach animals' unique qualities) - Coston, Lahiri
Working for the Movement (Full-time or spare-time activism? What professional skills are needed?) - May, Potter, Rose
Advocating for Change: An Overview (Theory and practical tips for changing people's behavior, feelings, and beliefs) - Hershaft
Lunch (1:15-2:15pm)
Fashion & Amusement Advocacy (Gold Sponsor PETA discusses work for animals in the fashion and entertainment industries) - Peet, Sewell
Factory Farm Investigations (Gold Sponsors Mercy for Animals discusses their undercover investigations & follow-up) - Bala, Runkle
Workshops (Choose one per timeblock)
Becoming Great at Doing Good (New insights into practical tips for activists) - Cooney
Organizing for Change (Vision & mission, strategies & conflicts, tactics, goals & objectives, assessing success) - Hershaft, jones
Know Your Rights 101 (Street activism and the law - from protests to outreach) - Light, Meeropol
Abuse of Fish and Marine Mammals (Overview of abuse facing aquatic animals for food and entertainment) - Finelli, E. Wolf
Engaging in Individual Advocacy (Conversations, leafeting, message merchandise, and other ways to inspire personal change) - Atcheson, Friedrich
Persevering In the Face of Repression (After facing government repression, where do we go next?) - Gazzola, McHenry, R. Shapiro
The Power of Investigations & Rescue (Exposing abuse and saving animals who are victimized) - Couto, Stanley, Valle, M. Wolf
Measuring Impact of Our Advocacy (Calculating how effective our efforts are, exploring where to go from here) - C. Green, Smith
Garnering Media Attention & Press (Being newsworthy, placing news releases & letters to editor, cultivating relations) - M. Budkie, Hershaft, Young
Abuse of Animals for Science (Animal abuse in education, testing, research) - K. Budkie, Goodman
Managing a Local Group (Handling volunteers, workload distribution, meetings, and finances, working with nationals) - Gunn, Rolsky
Understanding and Impacting the Numbers (Number of animals consumed and best practices for making an impact) - Ball, Sethu
Speaking Our Message (The art and craft of public speaking for animal advocates) - Moran
Advocating for Aquatic Life (Campaigns to save whales, dolphins, seals, and other aquatic mammmals) - Frohoff, Gordon
Success of Israel's Vegan Movement (Reaching world's highest vegan population density in three years; the Challenge+ program) - Boojor, Cohen, Hershaft, Shavit
Dinner (6:15-7:15pm)
Conducting Cuisine Activism (Utilizing availability and quality of vegan food to further the cause of animal rights) - Dinshah, Shavit
Evening Plenary I (7:30-9:30pm) - MC - Friedrich
Animals, Activism, and the Law (Government repression of activism and using the legal system to fight for animals) - Meeropol, Potter, Prosin, P. Shapiro
Animal Rights Revolution Is on Its Way (Report on amazing progress of the animal rights movement) - Newkirk
Networking Reception II (9:30-11:00pm)
"Truckin" screening (Film chronicling the lives of animals wh oescaped slaughter; Q&A to follow.) - Braz, Krajnc, Lahiri

Saturday, August 1

Morning exercise (7:30-8:15am) (Visit the fitness center on our level, using your room card) - Dignan, Ryan
Snack (8-8:45am)
Registration (8am-6pm)
Morning Plenary II (9:00-10:30am) - MC - Johnson
Announcements and Speed Touting (Opportunity for 1-minute important announcements by attendees)
New Directions for Animal Advocacy (New ideas for animal advocacy and inspiring messages for activists) - Boojor, Davis, jones, Reyes
Exhibits (10:15am-6pm)
Workshops (Choose one per time block)
Responding to Animal Experimentation Arguments (Countering common arguments supporting animal research & testing) - Akhtar, M. Budkie, Goodman
Newcomer Session II: Leaders' Journeys (Successful activists explain how they became who they are today) - Davis, Johnson, Stram, Young
Implementing Successful VegFests (What makes a VegFest effective, and the basics of planning one) - Cantrell, Nambudiripad, Wilson
Changing Our Potential - I (Practical tips for shedding fears and inhibitions and becoming the activist we want to be) - Hershaft
Gender, Sexuality and Animal Equality (Exploring the intersection between human and animal rights) - jones, Kemmerer
What Do We Want? How Do We Get It? (What is each of our personal vision, mission, strategy, and tactic for animal rights?) - Webermann
Strategic Campaign Planning & Messaging (Running a strategic campaign and marketing your message like a pro) - Ginsberg, Núñez
Combating Federally Funded Animal Abuse (Combating federally funded animal experiments and factory farming) - Bellotti, Berger, Chandna
Power of Language and Framing (Importance of using language respectful to animals and framing our message confidently) - Freeman, Rising
Changing Our Potential - II (Practical tips for getting things done and developing activist leadership qualities) - Hershaft
Expanding Access to Vegan Resources (Urban "food deserts," Spanish-language literature and websites, support groups) - Ornelas, Sanders
How Assertive Our Actions? - Young
Lunch (1:15-2:15pm)
Saving America’s Wild Horses from Extinction (Join Gold Sponsor Friends of Animals to learn what's being done to protect the last wild horse herds) - Birnkrant, Rivard
The Power of Technology to Fight Abuse (Join Gold Sponsor SHARK about the ability of video & technology to empower activists to fight abuse) - Chaifetz, Hindi, Kobliska
Workshops (Choose one per time block)
The Global Vegan Movement (Why veganism is succeeding around the world, and how we can maintain the momentum) - Joy
Privacy Security for Activists 101 (How activists can protect their privacy and feel safe in this culture of surveillance) - Meeropol, Potter
When Is Killing the Lesser Evil? (Attacking animals? Unadopted dogs & cats? Invasive species?) - Haisley
Running Pressure Campaigns (Starting friendly, making demands, escalating pressure) - Chaifetz, Coman-Hidy, Ezell
Beyond Numbers: Understanding The Shelter Crisis (Exploring differing paths to end animal homelessness and needless euthanasia) - Clifton, Nachminovitch
Challenging The Humane Hoax (Animal industries' use of language and labels to deceive consumers) - Birnkrant, Bohanec, Moncrief
Lessons From Wildlife Campaigns (Combating extermination and captivity of horses and other animals in the wild) - Friedlander, Hindi, Lawson
Addressing Racial Privilege in the Movement (Meaning of "racial privilege" and how it affects our work for animal rights) - McJetters, Ornelas, Rising, Sawhney
How Do We Address Tough Moral Choices? - Joy
Engaging Schools & Friendly Corporations (Meatless Monday, vegan options in schools, vegan food products, shareholder activism) - Bhumitra, Middleton, Ross
Sociology of Enacting Change (From building networks to influencing the "influencers" - it's more than just individual outreach) - Bockman, Groff, Hsiung
Vegan Nutrition for Activists (Benefits and concerns of a vegan diet; vegan nutrition Q&A) - Hever, Messina, Norris
Effective Tactics for Companion Animals (Tackling overpopulation and abuse of animal companions) - Enoch, Haisley, Shaw
Human Victims of Agribusiness (Farm worker abuse, impacts on global hunger and climate change) - Moncrief, Ornelas, Turner
How Much is Enough? (How much time and energy should we apply towards the cause? What risks should we take?) - Ball
Banquet (6:30pm)
Gourmet Vegan Banquet
Conference Slideshow
Evening Plenary II (7:30-9:30pm) - MC ((registrants who skipped the banquet are welcome to attend)) - Moncrief
Conference Report - Hershaft
Remembering Norm Phelps
Remembering Lisa Shapiro
Young Activist Award
Grassroots Activist Award
Celebrity presentation - Velez-Mitchell
Benefit Auction - Kaamil, Velez-Mitchell, Webermann
Hall of Fame Presentation
Networking Reception (9:30-11pm)
"Truth Matters" screening (Short film about open rescues exposing and stopping violence; Q&A to follow) - Gazzola, Hsiung, Sawhney

Sunday, August 2

Morning exercise (7:30-8:15am) (Visit the fitness center on our level, using your room card) - Dignan, Ryan
Snack (8-8:45am)
Registration (8am-12pm)
Morning Plenary III (9-10:30am) - MC - Baur
Effective Tactics for Farmed Animals (Effective paths for corporate campaigns, personal advocacy, and support of new vegans) - Friedrich, Meier, Webermann
Exhibits (10:15am-6pm)
Workshops (Choose one per time block)
Using Online Activism Tools (Promoting animal rights through social media, petitions, video ads, and other tools) - Darer, Levinson, Modi
Newcomer Session III: Leaders' Journeys (Successful leaders explain how they became who they are today) - Baur, K. Budkie, McGreal, Stram
Reaching Out to Children (Connecting children with books, speakers, and ambassador animals) - Davis, Thompson, Zeman
Grassroots Activism and Community Building (Promoting animal rights at the grass roots and community level) - Camp, Freeland, Wilson
Getting Politically Active for Animals (Engaging politicians, enacting local laws, and conducting litigation) - Marino, Nixon, Torrella
Winning for Animals in Latin America (Defining and confronting animal abuse in Latin America) - Andrade, Olvera, Sjodin
Running a Sanctuary (Financial and zoning issues, animal acceptance and care, role in public education) - Brown, jones, McGreal
The Impact of Video and Photography (Using documentaries, viral videos, and still photography to promote animal rights) - Berger, Marshall, McArthur
Reaching Young Adults (Targeting by age, connecting with and holding your audience, conducting follow-up) - Cantrell, Cohen, Ortega
Ending Animal Use for Entertainment (Campaigns to end the use of animals in circuses, rodeos, and zoos) - Frohoff, Hindi, LeBlanc
Enforcing Protective Laws (Using local authorities, litigation, media, agitation to prevent animal abuse) - Bala, Couto, Winebarger
Winning for Animals Across Europe (Defining and confronting animal abuse in Europe) - Núñez, Verducci, Zösch
Lunch (1:15-2:15pm)
The Anatomy of Winning Laboratory Campaigns (Join Gold Sponsor SAEN in a training and case study of exposing animal laboratory abuses) - K. Budkie, M. Budkie, Ellison
Healing the Movement From Within (Join Gold Sponsor In Defense of Animals in discussing your needs as an activist) - Gorski, Levinson, Rising
Workshops (Choose one per time block)
Witnessing & Exposing Animal Exploitation (Power of vigisl and rescues at laboratories, slaughterhouses, or other site of animal suffering) - Couto, Krajnc, Orian
Power of Drone Technology (Power of drone technology in exposing and combating animal abuse) - Devries, Enoch, Potter
Engaging Religious Institutions (Moving major U.S. religions in an animal-friendly direction) - Gibb Millspaugh, Kemmerer, Levin
Managing & Expanding Social Media (Promoting animal advocacy through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more) - Holland, Oberg
Addressing Barriers to Veganism (Understanding retention rates, social stigma, preventing recidivism) - Felsinger, Ginsberg, Messina
Winning for Animals in India and East Asia (Defining and confronting animal abuse in Asia) - MacDonald, Sawhney, Weintraub, Wong
Applying Direct Action (Getting attention and changing behavior through economic and social pressure) - Gordon, Hsiung, Young
Power of Words and Story Telling (Power of the written word and illustrations in animal advocacy) - Grillo, Lamont, Neufeld
Engaging the Secular Community (Potential role of the secular and skeptic activist community in promoting animal rights) - Camp, Socha
Impact of Infectious Disease (Impact of infectious diseases on farmed animals and humans) - Akhtar, Clifton, Davis
Advocating for Our Closest Cousins (Defining and combating trade and other abuses of primates) - M. Budkie, Ingersoll, Prosin, Wolfe
Winning for Animals Down Under (Lessons from key builders of the Australian animal protection movement) - Giuffre, Sherman
Closing Plenary (5:00-6:15pm) - MC - Holland
Conference Slideshow
Our Movement Is Winning! (Inspiring prospects for the animal rights movement) - Runkle
Closing Ceremony
Dinner (6:30-7:30pm)
Lisa Shapiro Remembrance (6:30-8pm) (Opportunity for friends of Lisa Shapiro to share memories of her life and accomplishments) - Riley, Webermann
Celebration of Animal Rights (8-11pm) (All are welcome - registration not required - for comedy, snacks, and music!) - Kilstein

Monday, August 3

Post-Conference Activities
Demonstration Orientation (9:00am) - Ezell
Lobbying Training (Required for Monday lobbying participants; vegan cookies will be provided) - Astrof, Wilkens
Protest Shuttle Buses Leave (Several buses from the Hilton to Reagan airport between 9:30 - 10am)
Lobbying (10:00am - 5:00pm) - Astrof, Wilkens
Animal Experimentation Protest (Join SAEN & Bunny Alliance for a protest against animal experimentation at Ronald Reagan Airport)
Animal Liberation Protest and March (Join Direct Action Everywhere for a march for animal liberation)