August 3 - 6 Hilton Mark Center
just outside of Washington, DC

AR2012 Audio Recordings

Order the full set of MP3s from AR2012 and receive 50+ hours of sessions for only $149. At less than $3/hour, it's an amazing deal! Review your favorite sessions, hear the ones you missed, and share the conference with friends who couldn't attend. Download links will be sent via email after purchase is completed.

Prices: Single Sessions - $9
Plenary Sessions - $15
Entire conference - $120 if you buy today! (was $149)

Place your order by calling us at 888-327-6872.


Sample Recordings from Previous Conferences

Nourishing Activism (health/fitness benefits and concerns of a vegan diet for humans and animals) - Eisman, Guimaraes, Hever

Running a Local Group (recruiting/engaging volunteers, running meetings, assigning tasks) - Dalal, Miller, Rising

Activist Repression (government repression of animal and other activism) - Haagensen, Lovitz, Potter

Marketing Our Message (effective techniques for marketing our message) - Freeman, Ginsberg, Sikora

Understanding the Mentality of Meat (a guide to penetrating the meat-eating mindset) – Joy

How to Deal with Friends? (with social occasions, mates, relatives, friends; assertive vs. defensive) – Rising

Enacting Protective Laws (selecting issues, forging coalitions, dealing with legislators) - Baur, Wilkens

Running Effective Campaigns (objectives, tactics, resources, action plan, negotiating, review, media) - Budkie, Hankins, Ornelas

Advertising Our Message (newspapers, public transport, billboards, radio/TV, internet) - Meier, Runkle

Applying Direct Action (getting attention and changing behavior through direct economic & social action) - Hankins, Keith, Young

Negotiating Favorable Outcomes (negotiating techniques and processes to achieve desirable outcomes) - Hankins, Hershaft

New Challenges for Animal Liberation (dealing with new challenges confronting our movement) - Jones, Robinson, Weissman

Engaging Our Community (community issues, gaining allies, seizing opportunities) - Levinson, Paris, Stanley

Engaging Young People (humane ed, AR courses, AR groups, vegan cafeteria, rock concerts, leafleting)- Corbett, Matejka, Sikora, Weil

How Assertive Our Tactics? (which tactics work? which should be off-limits? what if it was your dog?) – Fullmer