June 28 - July 1 ♦ Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton Gateway Hotel


The Animal Rights 2018 National Conference strives to create a welcoming and safe space for all attendees. By registering for and participating in the conference, each attendee agrees to act respectfully toward others and abide by the Safe Space Policy outlined below.


While constructive discussion and debate of tactics and strategies is encouraged, personally disparaging remarks or harassing behavior, language, and literature are not permitted.

Impermissible acts include nonconsensual physical contact, personal space transgressions, verbal abuse, and unauthorized recordings and/or photographs (details below). Impermissible acts also include, but are not limited to, sexually inappropriate and/or derogatory comments about someone’s gender, race, ethnicity, age, appearance, sexual orientation, physical ability, or mental/emotional competence.

While registering implies consent to be photographed by staff photographers and others with special approval, the common sense rule is in effect for taking personal photographs. Unless otherwise noted, there is an allowance for photographing speakers during their presentations. Personal photographs should be respectful and avoid including unknowing attendees. All audio and video recordings must have the express consent of all parties involved. The conference will have official audio recordings available for purchase.

Any violations should be reported to the conference management. Depending on the gravity of the situation, violators may be asked to leave the conference, barred from future conferences, or deal with authorities.


While constructive discussion and debate of tactics and strategies is encouraged, individuals and organizations should not be singled out for critique (or named for such) using the conference’s public speaking or exhibiting platforms.

Speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors must also maintain messaging consistent with our vision of animal rights during the conference. Promoting or encouraging the consumption or use of animals in any capacity is not permitted.