July 30th - August 2nd ♦ Hilton Mark Center
 just outside Washington, DC
We do our best to make sure money is not a barrier and everyone interested is able to attend. Below are some cost-effective options we offer:

  • Join our Work Scholar program in which you can work at the Conference to earn back the full cost of registration.

  • Apply for a full scholarship if you are unable to work and/or have specific reasons for attending as much as the conference as possible.

  • Take advantage of our discounted registration rates if one or more of the following applies to you:

    • You have an annual income of $20,000 or less
    • You are a student
    • You are younger than 18 years or older than 65
    • You will travel more than 400 miles to attend 

Please note that the discounted registration rates can not be combined with the work scholar program.

We also offer a 10% discount to groups of six or more who register together. To take advantage of these rates, simply select the option of your choice when you register.

The Conference has also arranged discounted rooms with the hotel. Please see our hotel page for details. We also offer a group room option to further cut costs. For food, we offer free snacks in the morning and night.

Visit the AR2015 Message Boards to coordinate room and ride shares.