July 10th - 13th • Westin LAX Hotel
5400 W Century Blvd in Los Angeles, CA

2014 Program Schedule

Note: Schedule is subject to minor revisions at any time.

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Thursday, July 10

Welcome Reception
Conference Slideshow

"Speciesism: The Movie" Screening - Q&A with filmmaker Mark Devries


7:20pm – Opening Plenary
MC - Webermann
Opening Ceremony - Hendrix
Welcome Remarks - LA councilmember Paul Koretz; CA State Senator Ted Lieu
Introductory Remarks by Silver Sponsors - Barcus, Budkie, Glover, Hartland, McGreal, Meier, Moncrief
Animal Rights Yesterday & Today (Historical development, Eyewitness account, Differing philosophies) - Best, Clifton, Hershaft
Inspirational Remarks (Welcoming notes by Gold Sponsors) - Cooney, DeRose, Kroplick, Reiman

Networking Reception & Evening Snack
Screening of "I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk & PETA

Friday, July 11

Group Workout (Choice of self-defense or yoga with professional trainers) - Buchwald, Cressey

Morning Snack

9:00am - Morning Plenary
MC - Meier
State of Our Movement (Recent progress, challenges, and prospects in key areas of animal abuse) - M. Budkie, Lange, Ornelas

10:15am - 6:00pm
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Tactics,Reports)

Newcomer Orientation I (Everything you need to get the most out of your first AR Conference experience) - Moncrief, Stram, Webermann
Managing a Local Group (Learn the basics on volunteers, meetings, workload distribution, working with nationals, finances) - LeBlanc, Mullin
Nature of Social Change (Social progress through struggle; stages of social change; recognizing victory) - Best, Hershaft
Lessons From Companion Campaigns (What activists have learned combatting overpopulation and abuse of animal companions) - Arth, Couto, Stanley

Animal Abuse for Science (Videos and Q&A about animal abuse in education, testing, research) - K. Budkie, Goodman
Raising Funds for Animals (Appealing to donors online, via mail, and though planned giving; cutting costs) - Haisley, LeBlanc
Conducting Personal Advocacy (Getting active, reaching individuals, holding effective conversations, garnering media) - Dawn, Friedrich, May
Lessons from Fur Campaigns (What activists have learned combatting animal use and abuse for fashion) - Klein, Lowson, Su

Classroom Presentation Training (Hands-on traning to prepare participants to offer high school and college humane education lectures) - Cantrell, Coman-Hidy
Moving Away from Shelter Killing: A Middle Ground? (Can we adopt our way out of shelter killing? What else will it take?) - Clifton; Haisley

1:30 - Lunch
100,000 Vegans in January (Join Silver Sponsor Veganuary and learn how you can help achieve their goal) - Glover
Becoming a Life-Long Activist (Join Gold Sponsors In Defense of Animal in discussing your needs as an activist) - Kroplick, Levinson
Factory Farm Investigations (Join Gold Sponsors Mercy for Animals for an in-depth discussion of their investigations & follow-up) - Rice, Runkle

Animal Abuse for Amusement and Companionship (Videos and Q&A about abuse regarding dogs, cats, rodeos, racing & fighting) - DeRose, Hindi
Working for the Movement (Full-time or spare-time activism? What professional skills are needed?) - Camp, Leahy, May, Potter
Running Strategic Campaigns (How to map out objectives, plan tactics & events, and assess results) - Coman-Hidy, Núñez
Lessons From Vivisection Campaigns (What activists have learned combatting animal use and abuse in laboratories & schools) - Bellotti, M. Budkie, McGreal

Animal Abuse for Food (Videos and Q&A about animal abuse on farms, at sea, in slaughterhouse) - Baur, Runkle
Documenting Our Movement: Then and Now (Archiving the history of our movement and displaying current issues to the public) - Mullin, Thayer
Applying Direct Action (Getting attention and changing behavior through economic, media, social pressure) - Best, Hartland, Young
Lessons From Wildlife Campaigns (What activists have learned combatting the extermination & captivity of animals on land and water) - Hindi, Parks

Abuse of Wildlife on Land & Water (Videos and Q&A about extermination of free animals on land/water & captive animals in zoos/circuses) - Hartland, Muller, Rossell
New Directions for Animal Advocacy (Using lessons from social science to build a more strategic movement) - Cooney, Hsiung
Women's and Animal Rights - What's the Connection? (Exploring the intersections of feminism, LGBTQ issues, and animal rights) - Cressey, jones, Kemmerer, Ornelas, Orr, Sheen
Lessons From Farmed Animal Campaigns (What activists have learned reducing the use of farmed animals) - Bhumitra, Bohanec, Camp, Cantrell, Coman-Hidy, Felsinger, Rice

6:00 pm
Racial Diversity in the AR Movement
(Why Diversity Matters, and How We Can Achieve It) - Hsiung; Sawhney

7:20pm - Evening Plenary
MC - Wilkens
Animals, Activism and the Legal System (Plenary panel on government repression of activism & using the legal system to fight for animals) - Gazzola, Meeropol, Potter, Prosin, Shapiro
Keynote Presentation by PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk

Networking Reception & Evening Snack
"Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret" Screening - Q&A with filmmakers Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn

Saturday, July 12

Group Workout II (choice of self-defense or yoga with professional trainers) - Buchwald, Cressey

Morning Snack

9:00am - Morning Plenary
MC - Dawn
Lessons from Movement Leaders (Movement leaders with decades of experience share their expertise) - Baur, Kroplick, McGreal

10:15am - 6:00pm
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Tactics, Raps)

Newcomer Orientation II (Successful activists explain how they became who they are today) - Bohanec, Gil, Johnson, Stram, Young
Winning Hearts and Minds (Theory of changing behavior directly and by impacting feelings and beliefs) - Hershaft
Electing and Lobbying for Animals (Political activism, enacting local laws, and conducting litigatino) - Hallinan, Marino, Muller
What Do We Want? How Do We Get It? (What is each of our personal vision, mission, strategy, and tactic for animal rights?) - Webermann

Farmed Animals and the Meat Industry (The surprising truth about the personalities of animals and the operations of industry & government) - Friedrich, Simon
Vegan Nutrition for Activists (Benefits and concerns of a vegan diet; vegan nutrition Q&A) - Messina, Norris
Enforcing Protective Laws (Using local authorities, media, agitation, and the legal system) - Bala, Stanley
When Is Collaboration Acceptable? (How far can we work with an organization with a different vision?) - Clifton

Tapping Into Our Compassion (Melanie Joy and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau will address paths and roadblocks to compassionate living) - Joy, Patrick-Goudreau
Lobbying Training (Required for Monday lobbying participants; free vegan cookies will be served) - Astrof, Wilkens

1:30 - Lunch
Advocating for Our Closest Cousins (Join Silver Sponsors IPPL & SAEN for a special panel about primate advocacy) - M. Budkie, Ingersoll, McGreal, Schemkes
Grants for Activists At Home & Abroad (Join Silver Sponsor VegFund to find out how to get your activism funded) - Barcus
Know Your Rights 101 (Get the basics about the law and your street activism, from protests to outreach) - Meeropol, Simon

Confronting Challenges to Animal Activism (Repression of investigations and social activism by government and corporate interests) - Bala, Potter, Shapiro
Measuring the Impact of Our Advocacy (Approaches to calculating how effective our efforts are; exploring where to go from here) - Bellotti, Bockman
Engaging School Districts & Universities (Enacting Meatless Mondays, campaigning for better food policies, engaging in shareholder activism) - Coman-Hidy, Middleton, Slonimsky
Welfare, Abolition, and Direct Action? (Should welfare reforms, direct action, or other tactics be off-limits?) - Hershaft

The Root and Power of Language (Exploring the etymology of speciesist language in order to live and speak more compassionately) - Patrick-Goudreau
Developing Our Movement (Mission & vision, structure, alignments, issues, leadership, communications) - Hershaft
Ending Animal Use for Fashion & Entertainment (PETA leaders offer their lessons and tips from years of advocacy) - Lange, Reiman
When Is Killing the Lesser Evil? (Attacking animals? Unadopted dogs & cats? Invasive species?) - Mars

Hidden Victims of Agribusiness (Farm worker mistreatment, impact on global hunger & climate change, species extinction) - Feldstein, Moncrief, Ornelas, Schaeffer Yildiz
Personal Growth: Leading and Accomplishing (Developing leadership, getting things done, staying resilient, preventing burnout) - Hershaft
Advocating for Animals Online (Online engagement, petitions, spreading awareness through social media and video) - Holland, Modi, Solomon
How Should We Relate to Other Movements? (are cheating and killing ever justified? and, if so, when? ideology vs. reality) - Best

6:30pm - Gourmet Vegan Banquet
Musical Performance - Heller
Conference Slideshow

7:30 - Evening Plenary II
MC - Moncrief
Conference Report - Hershaft
Awards: Grassroots Activist & Youth
Entertainment Interlude (Professional magician of "Magic Castle" fame will perform a special magic show) - Scott
Benefit Auction - Hendrix, Webermann
Awards: Athlete & Hall of Fame - Hershaft

Networking Reception & Evening Snack

Sunday, July 13

Group Workout III (choice of self-defense or yoga with professional trainers) - Buchwald, Winnard

Morning Snack

9:00am - Morning Plenary
MC - Johnson
Tales from the Trenches (Plenary panel of personal accounts from undercover investigators and on-the-grounds animal activists) - Radig, Reyes, Tumasse

10:15am - 6:00pm
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Tactics)

Using Technology to Replace Animals (Exploring the prospects of technological advancements to replace animal meat & experimentation) - Cohen, Datar
Empowering Vegans in an Animal-Eating Culture (Learning carnism in order to empower ourselves as individuals & build a more strategic movement) - Joy
Raising a Vegan Generation (Books, school lunches & nutrition, social situations, activities) - Gates, Mars, Roth - Moved to Saturday at 10:30am
Advocating for Captive & Free-Roaming Animals (Best tactics and prospects for progress for animals in circuses & rodeos & marine mammals,) - Hindi, Rossell, Sehgal

Addressing Barriers to Veganism (Access to vegan foods, affordability, social stigma, preventing recidivism) - Bellotti, Carr, Ornelas
Designing & Advertising Our Message (Designing for the audience, where & how to publicize our message) - Meier, Runkle
Engaging The Media (Being newsworthy and a source, news releases, letters to editor, talk shows, cultivating relations) - Andrade, Hershaft, Jauron
Responding to Vivisection Arguments (Combatting the most common arguments supporting animal research & testing) - Cohen, Goodman

"What's For Dinner?" Screening - Q&A with Dawn Moncrief
Strategies for Promoting Vegan Eating (Four national leaders give their best advice for promoting vegan diets) - Cooney, Friedrich, Meier, Webermann

1:30 - Lunch
College Activism Training 101 (Bring your questions & ideas for Gold Sponsor PETA in a special lunchtime training) - Huling
International Investigations (Join Gold Sponsors Last Chance for Animals as they detail their international investigations) - DeRose, Valle

Challenging Language and Labels (use of language and labels to deceive consumers) - Bohanec, Leahy, Stanley
Promise of Civil Disobedience (banner drops, stealth labeling, blocking access, sit-ins, disruptions, open rescues) - Shapiro, Webermann
Engaging Young Adults (Targeting by age, connecting with & holding your audience, conducting follow-up) - Camp, Fitzgerald, Frankle
Why India Matters (Exploring the reasons that India holds particular global importance & what is being done about it) - Mehta, Moncrief, Weintraub

Addressing Animal Population (Tactics for reducing the overpopulation of wildlife and companion animals without killing) - Levinson, Pacheco, von Schlichten
Planning Successful Events (The basics of planning festivals, conferences, and other large events) - K. Budkie, Nambudiripad
Engaging Religious Institutions (Moving major US religions in an animal-friendly direction) - Cohan, Fulton, Kemmerer
Animal Rescuing (Saving and rehabilitating animals who are abused or victims of disasters) - Couto, Haisley

Sustainable Activism and Self-Care (Dealing with workload, worry, anxiety, grief, and hostility to prevent burnout) - Carman, Kroplick, Levinson
Speaking Our Message (Attracting and maintaining interest in our presentations) - Wilkens
Engaging Abroad (Advocating for animal rights and veganism throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and beyond) - Cora, Parks, Su, Zösch
Running a Sanctuary (Animal acceptance and care, role in public education,) - Beach, jones

5:30pm - Closing Plenary
MC – Holland
Conference Slideshow
Our Movement Will Win! (Inspiring prospects for our movement + keynote presentation by Nathan Runkle) - DeRose, Klaper, Runkle
Closing Ceremony

How'd We Do? (Bring your constructive comments for the AR2014 organizers) - Hershaft, Riley, Webermann

Celebration of Animal Rights (8:15) – Karaoke and dance party to keep your spirits up as the conference ends

Monday, July 14

8:00am - Morning Snack

Post-Conference Activities
Demonstration Orientation (9:00am) - M. Budkie, Schemkes
UCLA Protest (9:45am at hotel lobby; 11am onsite) (Join SAEN for a protest against the animal experimentation at UCLA) - M. Budkie
Lobbying (10:00am - 5:00pm) - Astrof, Wilkens
Delta Airlines Protest (3:00pm) (Join The Bunny Alliance for a protest against the animal transportation by Delta Airlines) - Schemkes