July 7th - 10th Los Angeles, CA
 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel


The Animal Rights National Conference features a hundred speakers from dozens of organizations across the world, representing different experiences and paths to animal liberation. View speaker profiles here

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Aysha Akhtar - Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
Silvana Andrade - ANDA
Jessica Astrof - Equal Justice Alliance
Rachel Atcheson - The Humane League
Vandhana Bala - Mercy For Animals
Jonathan Balcombe - HS Institute for Science and Policy
Matt Ball - Farm Sanctuary
Gene Baur - Farm Sanctuary
Anthony Bellotti - White Coat Waste Movement
Jamie Berger - Mercy for Animals
Jaya Bhumitra - Mercy for Animals
Edita Birnkrant - Friends of Animals
Darina Bockman - Vegan Leaders
Hope Bohanec - United Poultry Concerns
Sasha Boojor - 269Life
Johnny Braz - Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
Jenny Brown - Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Karen Budkie - Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
Michael Budkie - Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
Jon Camp - Vegan Outreach
Katie Cantrell - Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
Stuart Chaifetz - SHARK
Alka Chandna - PETA
Merritt Clifton - Animals 24/7
Chen Cohen - Anonymous for Animal Rights
David Coman-Hidy - The Humane League
Nick Cooney - Mercy for Animals
Susie Coston - Farm Sanctuary
Richard Couto - Animal Recovery Mission
Alan Darer - Mercy For Animals
Karen Davis - United Poultry Concerns
Mark Devries - director, Speciesism: The Movie
Stephanie Dignan - Boot Camp Girl
Anne Dinshah - American Vegan Society
Stacey Ellison - Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
Janet Enoch - SHARK
Jordan Ezell - The Bunny Alliance
Alex Felsinger - Farm Animal Rights Movement
Mary Finelli - Fish Feel
Missy Freeland - Direct Action Everywhere
Carrie Freeman - Georgia State University
Lester Friedlander - DVM, Citizens Against Equine Slaugter
Bruce Friedrich - Farm Sanctuary
Toni Frohoff - In Defense of Animals
Lauren Gazzola - Center for Constitutional Rights
John Gibb Millspaugh - Unitarian Universalist minister
Caryn Ginsberg - author, "Animal Impact"
Emmanuel Giuffre - Voiceless, animal protection institute
Justin Goodman - PETA
Andrea Gordon - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Paul Gorski - George Mason University
Che Green - Faunalytics
Nicole Green - Animalearn / AAVS
Robert Grillo - Free From Harm
Zachary Groff - Innovations for Poverty Action
Andrea Gunn - The Humane League
Scotlund Haisley - Animal Rescue Corps
Alex Hershaft - Farm Animal Rights Movement
Julieanna Hever - vegan dietician
Steve Hindi - SHARK
Colleen Holland - VegNews Magazine
Wayne Hsiung - Direct Action Everywhere
Bob Ingersoll - Mindy's Memory
Seba Johnson - vegan Olympic skier
pattrice jones - VINE Sanctuary
Melanie Joy - author, "Why Love Dogs, Eat Pigs..."
Robbyne Kaamil - actress and activist
Lisa Kemmerer - author, "Sister Species"
Jamie Kilstein - vegan comedian
Michael Kobliska - SHARK
Anita Krajnc - Toronto Pig Save
Marilyn Kroplick - In Defense of Animals
Indra Lahiri - Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
Robin Lamont - autor, "The Kinship Series"
Greg Lawson - Animal Concerns of TX Radio Show
Carrie LeBlanc - Compassion Works Intl.
Amy Levin - Jewish Vegetarians of North America
Lisa Levinson - In Defense of Animals
Jeff Light - National Lawyers Guild
Mia MacDonald - Brighter Green
Nora Marino - Attorney
Liz Marshall - director, The Ghosts in Our Machine
Armaiti May - animal rights veterinarian
Jo-Anne McArthur - We Animals
Shirley McGreal - International Primate Protection League
Keith McHenry - Food Not Bombs!
Christopher McJetters - grassroots animal activist
Rachel Meeropol - Center for Constitutional Rights
Erica Meier - Compassion Over Killing
Ginny Messina - author, "Vegan for Life"
Kristie Middleton - Humane Society of the US
Pulin Modi - Change.org
Dawn Moncrief - A Well-Fed World
Victoria Moran - author, "Main Street Vegan"
Daphna Nachminovitch - PETA
Unny Nambudiripad - Compassionate Action for Animals
Calvin Neufeld - The Suffering Eyes Project
Ingrid Newkirk - PETA
Robert Nixon - Humane Political Action Comm.
Jack Norris - Vegan Outreach
Sharon Núñez - Animal Equality
John Oberg - Vegan Outreach
Gustavo Olvera - Revolucion Animal/Santuario Libres Fin
Aylam Orian - Our Planet. Theirs Too.
lauren Ornelas - Food Empowerment Project
Kassy Ortega - Vegan Outreach
Brittany Peet - PETA Foundation
Will Potter - Green Is the New Red
Natalie Prosin - Nonhuman Rights Project
Simone Reyes - Running Russell Simmons
Jen Riley - Farm Animal Rights Movement
Dallas Rising - In Defense of Animals
Nicole Rivard - Friends of Animals
Dave Rolsky - Compassionate Action for Animals
Marla Rose - Vegan Street
Aaron Ross - The Humane League
Nathan Runkle - Mercy For Animals
Katelin Ryan - Indiana Animal Rights Alliance
Brenda Sanders - Open the Cages Alliance
Priya Sawhney - Direct Action Everywhere
Harish Sethu - Counting Animals
Christina Sewell - People for the Ethical Treatment of An
Paul Shapiro - Humane Society of the US
Ryan Shapiro - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ori Shavit - Vegans on Top
Hannah Shaw - Alley Cat Allies
Ondine Sherman - Voiceless, animal protection institute
Victor Sjodin - Vegan Outreach
Allison Smith - Animal Charity Evaluators
Kim Socha - author, "Animal Liberation & Atheism"
Doll Stanley - In Defense of Animals
Veda Stram - All-Creatures.org
Cheri Thompson - Healing Species
Kenny Torrella - Humane Society of the US
Paul Turner - Food For Life Global
Jose Valle - Animal Equality
Jane Velez-Mitchell - vegan journalist & TV personality
Tino Verducci - Animal Justice Project
Michael Webermann - Farm Animal Rights Movement
Eileen Weintraub - Help Animals India
Odette Wilkens - Equal Justice Alliance
Drew Wilson - VegFund
Lisa Winebarger - Compassion Over Killing
Ethan Wolf - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Mike Wolf - Compassion Over Killing
Linda Wolfe - International Primate Protection League
Wilson Wong - Animal Liberationists of Color
Peter Young - Animal Liberation Frontline
Bruce Zeman - author, "Hobbes and Me"
Wanqing Zhou - Brighter Green
Sebastian Zösch - German Vegetarian Association

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